O Nas

We create artistic glass products many years.
We are a family company and we find in glass our passion and a material for creating extraordinary things.

Our products are made through thermal processing of glass, thanks to which we give the desired shape and color.
Each product is 100% handmade and unique in its own way.
The processing technique allows to close air bubbles in the glass and imprint patterns, creating flat but spatial images.
The rays of light bring out the color, reflexes, three-dimensionality and depth, giving the products aesthetic values.
We focus on each product and by working on it, we give a part of ourselves.
Fascination with glass and manual work results in products that have their own soul because the human hand is not a machine that creates expressionless forms.

We invite you to the world of glass, colorful, delicate, which thanks to its tangible beauty will give a unique character to any interior.
Our glass is jewelry for the interior.

Please Enjoy!